Watch Wiz Khalifa And Tyga Go Sky High In “Contact”

Wiz Khalifa Contact

Wiz Khalifa drops the new video “Contact”

Two of the top artists from the last decade, Wiz Khalifa and Tyga continue their reign in the hip-hop world with knowing the skies isn’t the limit in the new video “Contact”.

Since delivering the track a few days ago, it was only right for Wiz to show how high he gets on a daily, literally, off his smoke. As of lately there was a challenge going on where we know Wiz and Snoop held the most respect during the quarantine phase.

Tyga also steps it up as always and shows out with the lyrics. These two take off in individual hot air balloons and do what they do best. Khalifa has been on the gas pedal showing how it’s to be done within the rap game with records like “Bammer” and “Real Rappers Rap“.

Peep the lyrics to Wiz Khalifa “Contact” below:

Oh my God, Ronny

I’m a big dog, baby, I’ma bark back (Bark back)
Got a bad-ass bitch with her own racks (Own racks)
They don’t like it, they don’t like it, tell ’em “Fuck that!” (Fuck that)
Woah, kush thrown, get your contact (Yeah, yeah, yeah, woo)
Bitches wanna talk to me, can’t contact (Contact)
Hit my nigga from the plug, he the contact (Contact)
And we only do big contracts (Contracts)
Woah, kush thrown, get your contact (Okay)

Knew she was the one soon as she opened her mouth
Heard you from the West, but bad like you from the South
You nigga always trippin’, don’t let you leave the house
Remindin’ me of my Apollo when she makin’ it bounce
You never smoke, you think of me, you think of a ounce
You heard about me, now you wanna see what it’s ’bout
I be smokin’ on some gas, yeah, give the cash, yeah
Hear they got you comin’ fast, yeah, make it last, yeah
A hundred milli’ in the bank, I just made it last year
Hit it, then I’m gone, don’t let you get attached, yeah
Had a nigga who could handle you, so now we passed his
Tryna spend it on you, baby, that’s what all I’m askin’
Face look bright, waist real tight
I’mma get up on it, in the mornin’, got a flight