Watch Lil Nas X “Rodeo” Featuring Nas

Lil Nas X has been down “Old Town Road” to the Super Bowl commercials and The GRAMMYS in the short amount of time. Having a chart worthy album which featured the original version featuring Cardi B, he teams up with Nas in the “Rodeo” remix video.

The visual directed by Bradley & Pablo come with a few themes from TV shows, movies and a slight rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Lil Nas X is bitten and turned into a vampire such like ” A Vampire In Brooklyn” starring Eddie Murphy and points out some moments of Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well.

As Nas makes his appearance in the video as Lawrence Fishburne from The Matrix on how to cure Lil Nas X from this riddled bite. Crazy video from start to finish.