Trouble Links With Quavo On New Heat “Popped”

Trouble Popped

Trouble On The Move With New Single “Popped”

Trouble is now pushing forward from the 2018 album “Edgewood” establishing his place from the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Since the move to Def Jam under EarDrumma, the Atlanta rapper has been showing up with heat to show “real is rare”. Now returning with the brand new track “Popped” featuring Quavo.

Working with big names like Drake, tapping City Girls in “She’s A Winner” down to Boosie on “Ain’t My Fault“, clearly the push is magnifying more. Skoob gets C4Bombs to clear the way for he and Quavo on the new track.

Quavo even touching the track with auto-tune to give it extra lift. These two have worked on plenty of records in the past to keep the bond tight even adding with the Migos as a group.

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Read Trouble “Popped” lyrics below:

I brought the beans yeah, all the Broads was ready
I brought the team yeah, all my dawgs was ready
(Nigga go to yo own mother fucking section nigga we don’t care nun bout no nun that’s why we having this shit nigga
We’ll get it back in the monin’)

25 thousand spent when I left out saks (ooh)
25 thousand same spent on my snacks (ooh)
Niggas stop wildin, Imma get shit back (ooh)
Lookin like wow, you ain’t been to my trap (ooh)
I brought the team yeah all my dawgs ready
I bought the beans yeah all the Broads was ready
You got no green yeah all of yall forget it
Bout the G’s yeah yeah yeah yeah