Trina feat. Ball Greezy & Nia Amber – Redemption (Video)

Trina Redemption

Trina Brings Forth “Redemption” Visual

The Queen of Miami, Trina returns with “Redemption” from the latest album Blue Magic with assistance from Ball Greezy and Nia Amber.

“Redemption” follows up “I Just Wanna” featuring the City Girls and Arie off the same album. Now pushing forth for a Trina run in mad cities to come quite soon to promote the album stronger.

In the video we see Trina really step out in attitude on being mistreated,used and more. And we know she doesn’t get shy with her tongue through out the lyrics of the song. Adding Ball Greezy whose had a strong 2018 run with his own hit single “Nice & Slow” and also being featured on a number 1 song with Lil Duval and Snoop Dogg.

And lets not forget about the lovely sounds from Nia Amber settling the track from start to finish.

Check out the lyrics below:

Yeah, I figured you would play me
Real rap, I kinda figured you would shade me
Man, this shit is really crazy
You lyin’ to my face, but how you love me on the daily?
Shit, I took pride in you, nigga
Shotgun, only one to ride for you, nigga
I cook, clean, even provide for you, nigga
Took my dreams and I put ’em to the side for you, nigga
What I get? Nuttin’ at all
Instead of pickin’ it up, you was duckin’ my call
Instead of callin’ the shots, you was hittin’ the bar
Clown nigga do anything to fuck with a star
Shit, how’d I fall for your slick ass
Insecure, chauvinistic, evil lil’ dick ass
Yeah, do anything just to get back
The time, money and effort I spent on your bitch ass
Yeah, and who these bitches you be fuckin’ with?
Never catch me with a new crew on some other shit
Call me out my name, you mistake me for another bitch
Your mother, bitch, I’ll pop a nigga on some sucka shit
Yeah, you made your bed, sleep peacefully
No hard feelings, when you see me just don’t speak to me
Yeah, could give a fuck about you missin’ me
You stupid muthafucka shoulda had the common decency!