R&B Singer Trevor Jackson Comes With New Heat “Just Friends”

Trevor Jackson Just Friends

Trevor Jackson Questions Whether They Are Lovers Or “Just Friends”

Actor and singer Trevor Jackson returns to the studio, right on time as weather changes and relationships between people start to evolve as well. Trevor brings forth the brand new single “Just Friends”.

First new track since releasing “Rough Drafts Pt.2” in 2019. Now getting back on schedule with another project soon. Stream “Just Friends” below.

Check out the lyrics below :

Oh tell me the reason, yeah, yeah
We’re not lovers just friends
Don’t tell me that you can’t see it

[Verse 1]
I know we’re just friends but be honest
You can lie to yourself if you wanna
Them skeletons all in your closet
Just give me the key to unlock it

Look at what we’ve been through, all we’ve been through
You had my back and I had you too
You call me ventin’ I listen to you
And you understand when she trippin’ too

So baby tell me again
Oh tell me the rеason
We’re not lovers just friеnds?
Don’t tell me that you can’t see it
No tellin’ where we’ll both end up if we don’t say somethin’ (Say somethin’)
There’s no sayin’ that we’ll both find love if we don’t make some (Make some)
If all that it takes is, for one of us to come out and say it, I’ll say it
So baby tell me again
Why we’re not lovers and we just friends?