Tracklib Report Analyzes Samples From Cardi B, Freddie Gibbs & More


Tracklib is the largest global digital sample clearance platform, representing hundreds or artists and countless albums. Along with their clearance services, Tracklib analyzes samples and trends like those with their annual State of Sampling report.

The report is jam-packed with information samples appearing on this year’s chart-topers like Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s sultry single “WAP,” or Freddie Gibb’s “1985” contain samples. In fact, 92% of top producers this year are using samples.

In the Tracklib report, trends in multiple major genres including Rap, R&B and Pop illustrate sample use. Additionally, break downs of sampling techniques, use of multimedia samples, and more information appear throughout the report.

Earlier this year, legendary producer 9th Wonder gave up praises to the cutting edge technology Tracklib is implementing to deliver their Sample Breakdown series.

Read the full State of Sampling report from Tracklib here, and revisit their Sample Breakdown video below.