Tory Lanez Gets The “Temperature Rising” In Video

Tory Lanez Pushes It To The Limit In “Temperature Rising” Video

Tory Lanez is really getting on his shit already with delivering “Temperature Rising” song last week and now captivates with the hot and steamy video.

Showing what the power of being an independent artist can do since finishing up at Interscope Records, he went ahead to create such noise where Quarantine radio was a staple for him to earn some more incentives that are to come soon. Yet taking quarantining to the next level with a young lady as these two really get it cracking under the covers on top of each other through out the visual.

Lanez creating a love making music before the summer hits yet will parlay especially during winter time if we are to be on lockdown again this year.Check out the new Tory Lanez “Temperature Rising” video


Temperature’s risin’
And I’m fantasizin’ bout’ givin’ it to you
Givin’ you somethin’
Won’t lie, it’s somethin’ I wanna do to you
We got all night, girl, we can take it slowly
Look back at it and shake it for me
‘Cause only I can make you feel the way you feel
Time to make you feel it for real

Temperature risin’ (Temperature risin’)
Makin’ love slow (We’re makin’ it slowly)
Your body’s callin’ (It’s callin’ me, yeah)
Rubbin’ on me slow (Slow)
Got my attention (You got my attention)
Undivided (And it’s undivided)
I wanna love ya
This time, this time, I wanna love ya
Tonight it’s a love makin’ affair