Toronto Poor Boy Delivers “Stronger Now” Single

Stronger Now

Toronto Poor Boy Stays On The Gas Pedal With “Stronger Now”

Canadian hip hop artist Toronto Poor Boy is back with a new single, still inspiring listeners and calling on his complex past with a fire new track, “Stronger Now”.

Hot on the heels of his late 2019’s single release, “Karma,” and 2020’s kick-off with “Big Dreams,” “Stronger Now” continues to amplify the Jamaican-born entertainer’s dynamic blend of hip hop, rock and reggae, while drawing audiences to his magnetic online presence full of original comedy skits.

“Stronger Now” is something of a mantra when it comes to Poor Boy’s own story and path; born in Jamaica into poverty, he was raised in group and foster homes throughout Toronto from the time he immigrated to Canada as a young teen, to the point of legal age and when he was released on his own.

Check out the lyrics below:

Got a drive like a Chevy
Impala and it’s heavy
Break it down when I do my thing
Only thing I do is win
I just need some oxygen for all the stuff that went wrong
Shouldn’t have clowned around
I shouldn’t have made no diss song
Cant live life, people think beef is what I’m on
I Tried to say I’m sorry and I put it in a song
I was hurting by myself when I came out of group homes
Started from the bottom, I just love that song
When my little brother died, something in my head went wrong
Started pushing people away
I started smoking on the strong
Mama I need help and I’m coming back home
I went home and got help and now I’m strong