Tinashe With The New Single “Touch & Go” With 6lack

Tinashe Touch And Go

Tinashe and 6lack Go Back And Forth In “Touch & Go”

It’s been beyond 500 days since Tinashe released any new music. And now the R&B singer steps back into the light and flourishes with “Touch & Go” featuring another artist getting back in the fold, 6lack.

Tinashe is on her own now and is working on the brand new album “Songs For You” and this emotional track sets the tone for whats to be expected as the first single.

Check out the lyrics below from Tinashe as well from “Touch & Go”.

Wish you would say somethin’ to make me change my mind
Got me feelin’ like somebody else
I been so patient with you but you won’t act right
And I’m tired of sleepin’ by myself
What is we on? Boy, somethin’ is wrong
Show me you want me too, mmh
Checkin’ my phone every ten minutes
Thinkin’ it’s gon’ be you, hmm

[Pre-Chorus: Tinashe]
I just wanna fix this, but you don’t wanna try
If you don’t wanna be, why you always on my line?
Puttin’ your peace over mine
Meet me in the middle, oh

[Chorus: Tinashe]
Touch and go (Mhm)
Touch and go (Mhm)
I’m too emotional (Mmh)
Touch and go (Mhm)
I’m too emotional (Mhm)
Touch and go (Mhm)
I’m too emotional