Thundercat Enlists Ty Dolla $ign and Lil B On “Fair Chance”

Thundercat drops off “Fair Chance” From Brainfeeder Album

Thundercat has eloquently grabbed a massive push to the front line since his works along side Flying Lotus and many other big names previously. Now stepping through the new year with ultra confidence, the multi-talented artist connects with Lil B and Ty Dolla $ign on the awe record “Fair Chance” in memory of Mac Miller.

Bringing forth that quiet storm, jazz vibe in “Fair Chances” you hear Thundercat’s vocals echo from the background with Ty Dolla $ign harmonizing to open up in the first verse. Lil B comes through with lyrics as open mic poetry session is in motion.

This is the third song to make an appearance from the upcoming album “Brainfeeder” dropping on April 3rd, following “Dragonball Durag”.

Stream the Thundercat “Fair Chance” below