The Weeknd Delivers The Thrilling “After Hours” Short Film

After Hours Short Film

The Weeknd Delivers “After Hours” Short Film Of New Album

As the March 20 release date can’t come a bit faster for the “After Hours” album release, The Weeknd takes it to another level to show you the evolution of the psychedelic actions and thoughts creating this new project in the short film.

Seen leaving the Jimmy Fallon show, the approach of loneliness and horrors start to creep in his mind with that vintage 70’s music looming in the background as he walks through the city and subway.

As a bright light shows up over his head it awakens him and the powers of being Heartless drags him for a while until able to regain form. From there the acts of sin catches up and causes devilish acts to occur on the elevator.

Already releasing the chilling song for the self-titled album sets the tone for an epic return for the R&B singer.