The Chosin Few Debut High-Energy “ME’KRUM” Video

El Salvadorian rap group The Chosin Few has joined forces with Los Angeles-producer juggernaut Cypress Moreno for their explosive new “ME’RKUM” video.

Falling somewhere in between emo cult trap and reality rap, The Chosin Few have once again asserted their genre-bending sonic will power on “ME’RKUM” with assistance from Foster’s guest verse. In fact, the track is the perfect marriage of Urban and Punk styles and showcases the inherent gritty and rugged aesthetic.

Shot and produced by the group’s flagship videographer Derrick Visuals the video for “ME’KRUM” broadcasts live from the blacklight illuminated stash spot. The Chosin Few group members, 22-year-old Evxga, 23-year-old Statue, and 27-year-old Mars the Martian who is Evxga’s older brother, trade their brute-force forces amongst each other while allowing Foster to handle the hook.

“ME’KRUM” serves as the first single from the trio’s upcoming Triple Threat EP that is also entirely produced by Cypress Moreno.

Watch the full video for “ME’KRUM” below and keep up with The Chosin Few on Instagram here.