Watch Teyana Taylor “Bare Wit Me” Video

Teyana Taylor Gets Gangster In “Bare Wit Me” Video

Teyana Taylor has been showing out with taking her passion for music beyond the next level. From singing to showing ill moves, she flips script becoming a murderous gangster in ‘Bare Wit Me” video.

Ms. Taylor elaborates on not wanting to just be tied down with just one guy yet eliminates one along the way, of course her husband Iman Shumpert playing as Illinois Jones in the hospital bed, she smothers him in order to live how she wants while dealing with heart break and baggage.

In the video she definitely replicates the vintage mob scenes with the car and her goons along side with her. Where she becomes a smooth criminal like Michael Jackson with scenes from “Moonwalker” and crushes the dance moves finishing with the infamous move.

Teyana continues to elevate with her directing skills with videos such as We Got Love to WTP. Stream Teyana Taylor “Bare Wit Me” below and check out the lyrics.

Check out “Bare Wit Me” lyrics below

I been tellin’ niggas lies (True)
Just split up all my time (Yeah)
With two or three guys (True)
‘Cause I can’t make up my mind, I know
I’m so indecisive (Yeah)
And I know that you don’t like it (Ayy)
And I never let my guard down but you steady tryna wife it, oh no
Don’t you see that I got baggage?
My heart’s way to hard to manage, oh no
I can’t give a nigga my trust (I can’t)
Say he workin’ to change that but