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Read And Get To Know About Slip-n-Slide own R&B Sensation Teenear Being The Latest Artist Interviewed On HipHopXclusives

When it comes to talking about music coming from Miami many will always speak of hip-hop and the strong latin culture the swarms over one of the largest markets. Yet R&B singer and songwriter Teenear is here to raise the stakes of bringing the rhythm and blues to another level.

1. Hometown
I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

2. Do you remember the very first song you wrote and sang?
The first time I tried writing was when I came across a writing contest for Justin Bieber. I don’t think I ever put a name on it or ever even finished it, but it was what sparked my love for wanting to make this a career. 

3. How did Slip-n-Slide Records discover you? And how does it feel being the first woman R&B singer of a prestige label? My relationship with Slip-N-Slide Records started at a pretty young age, I think I was 15 when the conversation about me signing began. Being the first woman R&B singer on the label is an incredible honor, and I am lucky to have such incredible and legendary label-mates and role models for navigating through the industry. 

4. Coming from Miami, South Florida area, why is it difficult for the talent to shine just as much as artists from Atlanta or New York? 
I think us artist in Miami need to work on supporting each other more. I feel like in Atlanta, everyone holds everyone close and they help each other up, you don’t see that in Miami often, but I don’t try to focus on that. Gods time is the best timing.  

5. What is the one song that many have slept on from your catalogue of music I’d say, “Need Your Love,” and I only say that because I feel like it can grow to be much bigger than it was, but it honestly did amazing! I think that was the first record that got the attention it deserved and it got so much love. I do think it can get so much bigger, though! 

6. Let’s talk about the new single “Free“. Tell us what drove you towards stepping out your normal lane to create such an impactful song that can be considered “timeless” now
I actually recorded this song a while ago! Nowadays, I think people need to feel empowered. To be inspired. So it was an easy decision for me and my team to release it, because I didn’t know when I was going to be able to put it out, because it’s just so different from everything I’m doing right now. But the song represents having freedom within yourself and the world. It motivates me and reminds me to let go of anything that holds me back. I hope that the same message resonates with whoever hears it.

7. Where do you stand or feel on how black women are treated within the industry given the fact all the situations that has been occurring lately? What can be changed from your view
I don’t think we’re given the same spotlight or respect, which sadly comes with territory or just the world we live in, which is a part of the reason why we have this movement going on now. I try not to focus on the negativity and just the best I can come and enjoy what I’m doing. 

8. What is the one thing you’ve experienced in the music industry that you would tell young females coming up to avoid? 
I think the music industry is a lot like any other industry in that women are not always seen as equal. I know that for myself, I always try my hardest to stay true to myself, my instincts, and my wants for my music, and I would encourage other women to do the same. 

9. Name 5 female singers and/or rappers you’d like to work with
I would love to work with Beyoncé, Drake, Kiana Lede, Bruno Mars, and K Camp!

10. What can we expect coming from you in the later part of 2020?
You can definitely expect more content! More music, more visuals, and me coming into the musical artist that I want to be for the next few years.

Let me add to this interview another dope track from Teenear “Dolla Signs