Sheff G Releases The New Album “One And Only”

Sheff G One And Only

Sheff G Puts New York On His Back With “One And Only” Album

With a deep, resonant voice, brutally honest lyrics, and a skill with lilting melody, Sheff G is the total package. Refining his style and making his bid for stardom, Sheff shares ‘One and Only’, his new album. Seamlessly switching between sinister slappers and heartfelt ballads, Sheff’s new project shows impressive emotional range and blunt honesty, touching on the harsh realities of street life and the drive to provide for his family and community.

The underrated New York artist has stepped it up since the debut album The Unluccy Luccy Kid with flourishing in a direction few New York rappers have succeeded to transpire. Reaching millions of views on videos such as No Suburban Pt 2 and Moody has him set for a strong summer with the new album

Stream the new album below