Sammie Taps Rotimi For Latest Single “Picky”

Sammie Picky

Sammie Loves A Woman That’s “Picky”

R&B singer Sammie returns with the brand new song “Picky” featuring another R&B standout in Rotimi.

The Atlanta singer and songwriter went ahead to tap Titus “Kingdrums” King to give that uptempo flavor with a slight reggae touch for the single. As he and Rotimi both take turns speaking on a woman that knows what and who she wants in her life. Refusing to settle for less moving into the next phase as a relationship pursues.

Coming off the 2019 album Everlasting plus a remastered album of all his top notch songs on the self-titled project earlier this year, Sammie will flourish with a new album “Such Is Life” which is to be released June 5th.

Take a listen to “Picky” and read the lyrics below


I, I had ’em all
I done it all
I seen it all
Yeah I did that (Did that)
I’m ready to
Build a life with you
Straight down the line
Yeah I’ll split that (Split that)
Let down your guard
Give me your heart
I know it’s a lot, I admit that
I need you all in my life (Ayy, ayy)
I’m blessed that I’m your type
(Ayy, ayy)