Salma Slims – Seasoning

Salma Slims

Salma Slims Adding That “Seasoning” In New Record

Salma Slims is in rare form and comes through by sharing the new record “Seasoning“. The First Lady of Private Club Records is looking to push through and elevate herself more into the class of female rappers who’ve been pushing through to the top lately.

Getting the strong production from Cam Wallace, Salma brings forth that southern style,seasoned flow and gets straight to the point making the lyrics melt the beat. Definitely look out for the runway rapper herself as a new project is on the way as well. Check out the song and lyrics below.

It’s been too easy, uh (Uh uh)
They cannot see me, uh (They can’t)
You wanna eat me, uh (Yeah)
Lil’ bit greedy, uh
One eighty on the dash (Woop, skrrt)
Lil’ nigga speeding, uh (I need, I need)
Big bag only thing I’m needing, uh
I’m bad, Mike Jack’ wanna beat it, uh (Beat it, beat it, beat it, beat it)
Head game so good never leaving, uh (Leaving, leaving, leaving, leaving)
Damn, wait
My flow change like seasons, uh
This that sauce that seasoning, uh
Do the whole rap game breezy, uh, yeah (Ha ha)

I’m in New Orleans like I’m Weezy now
Met a fine nigga at the Mardi Gras
Want let him fuck, he wanna beat it down
You-you ain’t gotta ask who run the town
Bag after bag, yeah I run ’em down
Came too quick, like a hunnid rounds
Put it on call when they want the sound
Pool full of sharks, swim or drown
Name went [?] over now
Money come fast, shit urgent now
Cut-cut a bitch off like surgeon now
Tell ’em don’t take it too personal
Might take a quick trip to the Virgin Islands
They don’t get bread like loaf (Like loaf)
Lotta [?] that’s sauce
I’m in the back of the boat (Boat)
Bitch on my [?]
I’m in the back of the boat (Woo)
Off-White tag on the coat (It is)
All of this drip on the float (Yeah)
All of these niggas they broke (They is)
Goyard, [?]
You know I be on the go
State after state I’m afloat
I gotta stay on my toes
When it’s done, when I come down
They gon’ say she was the GOAT
Did this shit once, did it again
Fuck it might do it some more (Yeah yeah)
I put the ice in the [?] (Yeah)
I took a different approach (Yeah)
(Wow, hol’ up)