RZA Sells Off 50% Of His Music From Wu-Tang Clan

RZA Hipgnosis

RZA Continues To Rake It In By Selling Off 50% Of His Music

RZA has been on big ventures for some time now yet the biggest move made recently. The legendary rapper and producer has sold 50% of his Wu-Tang Clan music plus solo music catalogs to Hipgnosis Songs, which is a music IP investment and song management company. Selling off 814 items and no detail for how much they actually paid for it.

“RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan did not invent Hip Hop, but they took it from being fun to something that represented a true reflection of what the streets, and being black in America was really like,” Hipgnosis Songs founder Merck Mercuriadis said in a statement. “They were and are the most authentic band and brand in Hip Hop and it all starts with RZA’s vision, his songs and his struggle, manifested in music, that could show the entire world what was really going on. (HipHopDX)

Hipgnosis Songs has been on big ventures lately including buying catalogs from Timbaland down to Eurythmic’s Dave Stewart and other big names apart of the music business. Since March of 2019 until this year March, they have spent close to $700 million on earning 42 music catalogs.