Rod Wave – Pray 4 Love (Video)

Rod Wave Pray 4 Love

Rod Wave Wants Many To “Pray 4 Love” In New Video

Rod Wave has been a rising sensation as of lately with his strong deliverance of music in the hip-hop community. The talented rapper releases the visual for the new track “Pray 4 Love”.

Being accustomed to a lot of things in the streets, he realizes whats needed the most no matter his past transgressions or anyone else’s. Not having any ill will towards those that were mistreated but keep things firm from the heart.

Watch the new video above

Check out Rod Wave “Pray 4 Love” lyrics below:

Who can you trust in this cold, cold world? Better get a blanket
It’s worse than the wild, wild west, this shit get dangerous
Never thought I’d see the day separate glitter from gold
When friends turn into foes, but it’s the life that I chose
And these hoes look so heaven-sent, but be so devilish
Got spiteful ways, never seen it coming like a tidal wave
Get on my knees every day, I asked God and prayed
That my dirty ways don’t lead me to an early grave
One life to live and it’s survival of the fuckin’ fittest
Here come your rivals, when you winnin’, they want competition
And did I mention niggas itchin’ to be opposition?
Hit they blocks with Glocks with the extensions, now ain’t no tension
Told my old lady how I’m feelin’, she say I’m trippin’
But she don’t know I pray for love
On the block with the thugs
Prayin’ a nigga show us love, but ain’t no love, so we get it out the mud