Rich The Kid Gets Youngboy Never Broke Again In “Racks On” Video

Rich The Kid and Youngboy Never Broke Again Knock Down “Racks On” Video

Rich The Kid has been surfing the internet lately on a few situations yet nothing is stopping the money train from coming in. Still elevating from the Boss Man album, Rich The Kid knocks down the video for “Racks On” along side Youngboy Never Broke Again.

These two aren’t ever short of carrying a rack on them at all since stepping into the hip hop game. Now being able to flourish even more in the video with auto tune blaring on each one’s voice.

Check out the video and lyrics below

My cars exotic, racks can’t fit in my wallet
All this cash in my pocket (my pocket)
Pull up on the plug, no socket (no socket)
That Lambo truck like a rocket (yee)
I can’t change up for that money, mama proud of me
I flexin’ up, I bought a Rolls, but it ain’t got a key
And when my bitch start actin’ up I buy her Louis V
Ram from the bottom to the top and it ain’t hard to see

Can’t leave the house without the racks on (racks on)
No little boy, my money full grown (full grown)
I got these racks so I don’t sleep alone (sleep alone)
Stay with the money, I can’t leave it home (I can’t leave it home)
Can’t leave the house without the racks on