Watch Rich The Kid “Far From You” Video

Rich The Kid Far From You

Rich The Kid Prayed For Days Of Not Being Broke In “Far From You”

Rich The Kid was destined to not ever be comfortable being in the broke state of mind nor living below standards. Now the Rich Forever leader delivers the visual for “Far From You” coming off the new album “Boss Man“.

Understanding now as a father even more and responsibilities are greater, Rich shows a different side than what many are use to seeing. Now better days are here for the Atlanta rapper and continues to spread the wealth to see others live better as well.

Check out Rich The Kid “Far From You” Lyrics:

I used to pray for them better days (Better days)
They was doubtin’ on my come-up, tell ’em stay away (Tell ’em stay away)
Now I’m major paid (Racks)
My mama know that I’m a star, ain’t no more bad days (No more bad days)
That nigga gave away his soul, he signed the last page (Last page)
Been on the road, I don’t get tired like I’m Kevin Gates (Kevin Gates)
I’m praying to the Lord a nigga see them heaven gates (Heaven gates)
I’m praying all my niggas never see another case
Still screaming free y’all (Free y’all)
I keep talkin’ ’bout the money ’cause I get it all (‘Cause I get it all)
I’m the boss man, I could never work for y’all (Boss man)

You can’t trust these labels, nigga, fuck ’em all (Fuck ’em all)
You was just the man until you spent it all (‘Til you spent it all)
Buy my bitch an outfit, tell her take it off (Take that shit off)
They won’t show you love until you’ve taken off (Taken off)
That’s the truth, and it’s fucked up (It’s fucked up)
Then I woke up and I went bought her a Benz truck (Skrrt)
I was tryna buy a Rollie, I ain’t have enough (I ain’t have enough)
I was breakin’ into cars, but I was savin’ up (Breakin’ into cars)
But I knew I had a dream, I had to live it up (Had to live it up)
Bought the crib in Calabasas, livin’ far as fuck