Quavo Drops A New Track “Practice Makes Perfect”

Quavo Practice Makes Perfect

Currently the Migos are the true driving force in the hip hop world that has captivated fans since stepping into the game and then turning it up even more. Only in 2019 the focus from Quality Control was “Control The Streets Volume 2”, Takeoff and Offset’s albums, yet it only opened the door for whats to come in 2020, especially with Culture III on deck.

Now Quavo has opened the door for the takeover to once begin with clear sight by dropping the new track “Practice Makes Perfect”. It’s Migos season coming full throttle.

Check out some lyrics below:

Y’said practice makes perfect
What I say is worth it
You say practice makes perfect

Practice make perfect, okay (Okay, okay)
When I tell ya somethin’, it’s worth it, okay (Ay, you know that it’s worth it)
I been wantin’ from the start (Start)
[?] (Hard)
Made me want to swear to God (Swear to God)
Made me put it on my mom (Mama)
Ay, I walk around with a whole bag, F&N it’s plastic (F&N)
I woke up my bitch with a brand new bag, she didn’t even ask me (My bad bitch, ay)
Scotty too hotty, give sloppy toppy, ooh yeah it’s nasty (She nasty, ooh)
Now we flyin’ over Atlantic [?] (Go)