Papoose Comes Tough In “Big Snitch”

Papoose Big Snitch

Papoose Calling Them Out Heavy

Seems in today’s hip hop world , snitching is become more popular than before which isn’t a good thing at all. And Papoose brings that energy in the brand new track “Big Snitch”.

The Brooklyn emcee has always stood by his guns just as his wife Remy Ma on the whole ordeal of snitching. Tekashi 69 is one of the biggest through out the hip hop world that everyone looks at him as a true snitch. All the tough guy talk went out the window once appearing in front of a judge.

Pap even can remember a few times on people singing like The Weeknd down at the police precinct. Crazy how times have changed but Pap keeps it thorough. Check out the new track