Nike Shox Nova Arrive In More Colorways For Women

Nike Shox Nova

After debuting in two color compliments, the Nike Shox Nova arrives once more, expanding the women’s exclusive take on the pistons into a territory almost solely operated by color and color alone. While many new models are greeted to a wealth of neutrals early on, the revealed colorways of the Nova have more so used versatility as an accent — this pair is certainly no exception.

Matte blacks sit largely in the background across the toe and mesh underlay while few overlaid bits at the side sport a slightly textured synthetic finish. Its surroundings, though, are where it gets interesting as a mixture of pink and orange bears slight resemblance to the most memorable sherbet flavors. The warm tone finds place right along the profile, framing a circle around the miniature swoosh whose base matches the vibrant floral on the toe cap, tongue, top line, and heel.