Nike Comes With Futuristic Air Max Plus Like Vapormax

Nike Air Max Plus

Nike, as a whole, is one big amalgam of themes — each breaking off into their very own sub-groups in the vein of color, construction, or inspiration.

Futurism is just one, but arguably the hardest to escapes; silhouettes such as the Vapormax as well as anything from ISPA have employed such schemes in spades and the next up is none other than the Air Max Plus whose red and blue gradients seem to pull straight from decades beyond. With the top half painted red and then split to a blue along much of the bottom, the pair intermingles black synthetic at the base, giving it a ballistic likeness with volt text towards the heel adding an air of space travel.

Miniatures swooshes lay as emblems on the side in metallic silver while sole units arrive stealthy with treads of the same vibrant execution seen on the caging hardshell. Laces wrap through eye stays of complementing shade — most warm but the topmost dyed cool — looping with grey string to a playful tongue patch of a check floating down via patchwork parachute which can be seen in greater detail on the insole as well.