New Balance 327 Showcases Blue And Orange Split Colorways

New Balance 327

The New Balance 327 has a lot of energy behind it, with collaborators the size of Casablanca and MADNESS joining to celebrate the new model in distinct ways. And while the latter still has a bit longer to go until its debut, it seems the brand itself is getting restless as they prepare a GR with a wild split coloring.

Seemingly uncharacteristic of the Boston stalwart’s inline offerings, the pair effectively melds together two different colorways: a loud orange and a complementing dark blue. The cool tone, which is effectively the most versatile in terms of the entire scheme, dresses the suede overlays and nylon base of the outer face.

Bright yellows accent the enlarged “N” logos as well as the entire smooth midsole walls, essentially composing in tandem with the burnt orange and mustard hues that define the medial side.