Nasty C Links With T.I. For The Powerful Track “They Don’t”

Nasty C They Don't

In the wake of rampant police brutality and national civil unrest and how it is a reminder of the horrific injustices of apartheid in South Africa, multi-platinum rapper Nasty C and the multi-hyphenate Tip “T.I.” Harris have teamed up for their first-ever collaboration “They Don’t”.

“They Don’t” is a powerful new track where the two share their perspectives of racial injustices around the world. Touching on the parallels of the horrific injustices of apartheid in South Africa and the police brutality going on in the United States, the unlikely pair break from business as usual to take on serious global issues.

On “They Don’t”, Nasty C provides a striking and emotional view with his lyrics and later in the track, provides an encouraging message to all.

“I can only imagine the pain and the grief/from the innocent mothers with all the shit they had to see/ when you lose the ones you love to the f*ckin’ police/it cut’s deep.” “But everything will be alright soon/I just want to let you know, ain’t nothin’ like you.” 

T.I. shares his thoughts on systemic police brutality with the poignant lyrics.

Guess they’d rather see us all in civil unrest/Than to go and make some f*ckin arrests” followed by  “How you supposed to serve and protect/with your knee on my neck?”