Watch Mysonne Deliver The Black and White Visual “Imma Breathe”

Mysonne Imma Breathe

Mysonne Brings The Poetic Side In Strong Faith With “Imma Breathe” Video

Bronx emcee Mysonne has traveled miles across this nation to stand for many who seem not to be heard and make his presence with other strong figures within the Black Lives Matter movement. Today he delivers the black and white visual minus the productions for “Imma Breathe”.

The Mark Garcia-produced visual shows horrific clips of police brutality against African-Americans that has been plaguing social media and affecting many by the day. Mysonne stays on task by delivering his message in strong reverence of continuing to breathe no matter the situation. Even points out how COVID-19 won’t even stop life in front of him yet The Marathon Continues to get change across this nation against racism, racial equality and all matters against police brutality.

Even gives a history lesson for those that lost their way of knowing the mistreatment started hundreds of years ago. Check out the new video below