Mulatto Enlists Saweetie And Trina For “Bitch From Da Souf” Remix Video

Mulatto Bitch From Da Souf Remix

Mulatto Grabs Two Of The Baddest Females In The Game On “Bitch From Da Souf” Remix

Mulatto has been pushing the envelope to the max, showing out every which way. The Georgia peach delivers just as promised the brand new visual for “Bitch From Da Souf” remix featuring Saweetie and Trina.

Not ever shy of letting it be known of ever sitting on one’s tongue while being a boss at the same time, she takes this one up another notch. Taking straight to The Bay, where Saweetie gets nasty within her lyrics. This preps her for making a strong run coming this year since being on tour so much.

And can’t forget about the Queen Of The South in Trina. A legend straight from Miami delivering as she has been doing for almost two decades in hip-hop.

Watch the remix video above and even go back to look at the original video which propelled her back in 2019

Check out the lyrics below:

I throw that ass back to see if he gon’ catch it (I throw it)
I ain’t athletic, but it’s tennis for the necklace, yeah (Ice, ice)
Ayy, where that cash at? I stack it like Tetris (Okay)
Real gutta bitch, real plugs and connections (Real bitch)
First I make him eat it ’til he lockjaw (Yeah)
Give it to him good, knock a nigga socks off, uh (Yeah)
I run it up, they busy running they mouth (Run it, run it)
I’m a real-ass, rich-ass bitch from the Souf, yeah, yeah (Uh, uh, Souf)

[Verse 1: Mulatto]
First off, I ain’t fuckin’ for no clout (Nah)
I ain’t fuckin’ on no nigga sleepin’ on his patna couch (What the fuck?)
He wanna fuck, rather sit it on his mouth (Uhh)
I’m a freak-ass, street-ass, bitch from the Souf (Haa)
Is you gon’ catch it? Eat it up for breakfast? (Yeah)
I ain’t athletic on the dick, I do gymnastics (Okay)
I hit up Saweetie like, “What’s up? I’m in The Bay” (The Bay)
The baddest bitch in MIA said I’m good when I’m in Dade (Uh)