Mike Posner Drops The New Mixtape “Keep Going”

Mike Posner Keep Going

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After releasing his fourth studio album A REAL GOOD KID back in January, an album which told his story that dealt heavily with love, loss and acceptance, Mike Posner continues to tell his story with Keep Going.  

Mike set out on a 3,000-mile hike on April 15th from Asbury Park, New Jersey, making his way to Venice Beach, California and has since inspired so many, not only with The Walk, but the reasons behind it and the perseverance to Keep Going with fans joining across the way to show their support.  Despite being severely injured from a rattle-snake bite and air-lifted to a nearby hospital in Colorado, there is no stopping Mike.  After only three weeks, Mike picked up The Walk in the exact spot where he left off and is now walking a marathon 26 miles a day.