Migos Delivers “Racks 2 Skinny” Video

Migos Racks 2 Skinny Video

Migos Are Back With “Racks 2 Skinny” Video

It is Migos Monday and the Migos are in the driver’s seat to elevate once again heading towards the upcoming album Kulture 3. The trio of Quavo, Takeoff and Offset come through with the brand new “Racks 2 Skinny” video.

Coming from the days of “Versace” and “Hannah Montana”, the flagship group is looking to carry Quality Control Music Group through the summer stacking the money to the ceiling once them pockets get too skinny. Taking over the town in lambos and stretch hummer limos, they are back at the right time with this visual

Last week they dropped off “Taco Tuesday” as an ode to Cinco De Mayo and tacos lovers across the globe while showing the hip hop world that they are coming with full force now that they’ve accomplished their own individual albums.

Watch Migos “Racks 2 Skinny” video above and even read some lyrics from Takeoff as well

I cop me a coupe and I hop in it (coupe) He claimin’ the game but he not it (nah) That Birkin bag came with the fire in it (brrr) He told you a rap with a lie in it (lie) He got some new jewels He’s flexin’ his ice He’s praying to God he don’t die in it (God) Let me take them back to the bando on the Nawf Don’t you remind me (Nawf) I try to stay low But I shine so bright So it be hard not to find me (shine) These rainbow diamonds up in that Roley No this not your regular time piece (rainbow) Come place your order Goin’ to cost you a quarter