Marquette King Delivers Blazing New Single “Party With Me” Remix

Marquette King Party With Me Remix

Marquette King Is All About Having Fun In “Party With Me” Remix

Marquette King has always been shown having a good time hitting dance moves on the field and now exemplifies that same energy within music by delivering the catchy upbeat single “Party With Me” remix .

Marquette excels in showing off the skills in the pop-hip hop vibe where he catches a young lady glancing over at his VIP spot, having a good time and the play is in motion where the two continuously flirt during a lot eye contact through out the club night. Yet King is keeping it together not wanting to make things look too obvious on wanting to take her home and finishing it up later.

Va-Cay steps on the track to push the momentum up even more with his verse on the song. A definite song for the summer time movie in various clubs.

Stream Marquette King “Party With Me” Remix below