Lil Lake Drops New Single “Thinking Back”

There haven’t been many upcoming artists that have had a better year than New Jersey’s own Lil Lake . With every release, his name tends to get bigger making it hard to not notice him and after being seen with Young Thug, Famous Dex, Gucci Mane, and many more, he’s someone that should be on everyone’s radar by now.

Today, Lake returns with a brand new single titled “Thinking Back” and from the hook, you can see what kind of direction Lake is taking with this. We can only guess that a project is set for next year with the amount of attention he’s been receiving, he’s been hinting a mixtape release for months now, but we will have to wait and see. A huge part of Lake’s success is thanks to his massive social media following that he uses as a platform to promote is music. Lake’s stream count is also very impressive, with only gaining attention from the past year, he already has ten million streams, a number that is growing daily. Without a doubt Lakes style and new sound will definitely blow him up in 2020.

Tap in below!