Kodak Black’s Latest Appeal For Shorter Sentence Was Denied

Kodak Black Denied

Kodak Black Won’t Be Getting Out Sooner Due To The Judge Denying The Request

Of course Kodak Black’s lawyers have been in crunch mode to get the rapper’s 46 month federal sentence for lying on a gun application reduced because of how his drug usage was over exaggerated along side his criminal history.

In May, one judge came through stating that most of the occurrences dealing with Kodak Black were embellished to keep him in versus alleviating time off his sentence.This is when the appeal went through on a 2015 case for robbery where Kodak pled “no contest” which shouldn’t have been documented since he was a prior felon.

The appeal on the reduced sentence came back from the United States Court Of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit rejecting the motion, stemming back to the 2015 case stating the his no contest plea for robbery was the exact same as being convicted