Kiana Ledé Taps Lucky Daye In “Forfeit”

Kiana Ledé Forfeit

Kiana Ledé Not With The Drama In “Forfeit”

Kiana Ledé is not to be messed with as she preps for a big run this year. Already giving word to her fans of the upcoming debut album “Kiki” on April 3rd. The singer slides through with the very first single “Forfeit” featuring rising R&B star Lucky Daye.

Kiana comes tough with letting her man realize she’s not with the bullshit any more and dares him to step up and get it off his chest of why she’s acting very different.

Stream the new song Kiana Ledé “Forfeit” below:

Check out lyrics to the new single:

You don’t wanna try me
You better forfeit
Keep fucking with my vibes
And I can assure ya
It won’t end how you like
I ain’t that type

I’m giving you one, two, three
To back the fuck up off me
Don’t front when you can’t back it up
It’s about time we wrap this shit up

So say something now
Say something now, yeah

You must be some kind of fucked up
To be talking to me crazy
You be tryna call me anything
But you know nigga that don’t phase me
I guess I’m about to have to lay it down
I don’t think you allowed to come around no more
See, my daddy, he a little crazy