Listen To Kelly Price New Ballad “Unsung”

Kelly Price Unsung

Kelly Price Returns With “Unsung”

The one and only legend of the R&B world Kelly Price glides in with a very true heartfelt song “Unsung”.

All knowing how deep Kelly brings forth a lot from her personal love life to the fore front. Through out the 5 minute plus song, she dives deep with lyrics of finding herself quite lost after such a lengthy relationship yet she still holds on to memories. Touching one’s ears with her powerful vocals through out this ballad.

This is definitely a welcoming towards a new album to come in due time. Stream the new single below.

Check out Kelly Price “Unsung” lyrics below

I can’t believe I’m standing here
I can’t believe I missed it
I had the chance to have you here
Refused to let you fix it
I wish that I could let it go
I wish that I’d forget it
My foolish pride keeps holding on
I’m living to regret it

Didn’t think you meant it when you took those vows
I don’t give second chances, so I put you out
I don’t believe apologies can help us now
But I wanna try again

My undreamed dreams
My unthought thoughts
Each day without you feels all wrong
My un-cried tears
My unseen faults
Since you’ve been gone I feel so lost

My unplanned plans
My un-laughed laugh
If we were lovers once again
My unlived life
My unloved love
If I don’t have it all its not enough
My unsung, my unsung
My unsung, my unsung
My unsung song