Kehlani Releases New Song “Toxic”

Kehlani Toxic

Kehlani Dives Deep In “Toxic” Song

Kehlani is definitely back to work in the studio, within in her emotional bag releasing the brand new song “Toxic”.

Few weeks ago, the Oakland singer came straight out following the break up of the latest relationship in Valentine’s Day (Shameful) detailing everything she went through and was holding back. Now in the new song, it gets deeper in the song writing of doing her best to avoid taking any more wrong turns.

This elevates the upcoming album with no release date yet. Even Ty Dolla $ign added vocals within the background as well over the K Beazy and G Ry productions.

Stream the new song below

Read Kehlani “Toxic” lyrics below:

Did right, we take turns being wrong
I get real accountable when I’m alone
I get real about it all when I’m alone
It’s so crazy missin’ you when I get on

Don Julio made me a fool for you
And now I might hit your phone up
With that ra-ra-ra, missin’ my da-da-da
Missin’ that a-a-a
(Ah, ah)

All of this love is toxic
All of this love is toxic
All these kisses and hugs is not shit
You a damn drug, you’re toxic