Kehlani Holds Nothing Back In “F&MU” Video

Kehlani F&MU

Kehlani Turns It Up Passion In “F&MU” Video

Kehlani has really been showing out with the overall talents yet accelerating on the gas pedal during this quarantine lifestyle for the moment. Preparing for the release of the new album “It Was Good Until It Wasn’t” dropping May 8th, the R&B singer and songwriter delivers the sexually charged visual “F&MU” (Fuck And Make Up).

She holds nothing back with still wanting to have the best sex in her life no matter how toxic it maybe not being able to let the situation go at all. As of lately Kehlani also has been working on her video directing skills as she takes the reigns of the visual along side her friend, adding dance routines as well through out the house.

Prior to this video, the Oakland singer delivered the video for “Everybody Business” detailing how people talk about her through out the media and now with extracurricular activity now between her and former friend Kamaiyah and now Keyshia Cole is back at it with her beef against the singer.

Be ready for the new album to drop next friday as it will be her second studio album along side the handful of mixtapes in the vault. Check out Kehlani “F&MU” video.