#HHX Interview : Get Familiar With Kasland


Time for the masses to get to know Dallas own Kasland.

1. Hometown.
My hometown? Dallas, Texas. Born and raised.

2. What was the driving force that elevated you towards doing music?
I had been writing poetry since kindergarten. When I was introduced to hip-hop music for the first time, it was the song “Kim” by Eminem. You could hear the pain in his voice and you mix that with the pain in his lyrics… it was like taking something that can illustrate raw emotion and amplifying it by combining the two and the music spoke to me. I discovered a new outlet for emotions on that day. One that I wanted to try for myself, and now here we are. 

3. When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?
When I was 15 years old at 3 in the morning. I was watching this show called Adventures in Hollyhood. It was a reality show on Three 6 Mafia on MTV. It didn’t last more than 1 season, but watching them pack up, move to Los Angeles, have the studio in their home, work and getting that raw insight to their big break was just the most inspiring thing to me. It just hit me… I wanted that.

4. What is unique about you and the music you create?
My lyrics. I’m a sucker for wordplay, it fascinates me. The syllables, internal rhymes, metaphors… and I tell stories within my lyrics a lot. They’re my stories, my experiences, and my lessons that I hope to share with others that may need to hear them.

5. Define the sound within your hometown.
There aren’t too many artists coming out of my hometown, so I am hoping to actually do exactly that… define the sound within my hometown.

6. Speak on the new album “No More Sick Days”. What lead to using that title?
My last release was in 2013. I began working on this album the following year, no title in mind, and that is when the darkness hit. Depression, nightmares, you name it. I lost everything, including myself. Watching life go on without me made me realize that I was the only one that could change how I felt. I watched other artists carry on with their careers and I just found myself reminiscing on who I used to be more and more. That lit a fire in me and so I picked back up, decided it was time to get back work. No more time off, no more sick days.

7. What is the one song that you believe people will find themselves really feeling some type of way from the album?
There are a lot of songs on the album that I feel like many will relate to on an emotional level, but the one in particular I feel people will feel the most would be “Leap of Faith”. That song just really paints the picture of confidence meeting reality, resulting in failure, then getting your second wind. I made the song in hopes that it would help others try again at a goal they faced defeat with as well.

8. What has been the one thing you’ve learned about the music business that you can share?
It’s cut-throat. The music industry is literally a dog-eat-dog world. Everyone is out for themselves. You have to have thick skin, and you have to know your worth. There’s a fine line between being too humble and being too cocky. You have to find it… know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.

9. Name 5 artists you’d definitely like to work with no matter the genre.
That is a difficult one. So many names come to mind that are no longer with us. I would probably have to say Marilyn Manson, I have always been a fan of the depth of his music… Royce da 5’ 9”, I feel he would really challenge me as a lyricist and I would love the challenge… The White Buffalo, he has such a unique voice… T.I., he was my favorite rapper when I was younger and I’ve always loved his style and how he can transition from street to class… and Backstreet Boys, because who wouldn’t want to hear that?

10. What else can we expect from you this year and how can the readers check out your content even more?
Visuals for sure. We have the treatments written up for some music videos. So I will certainly be releasing more music videos for this album. Shows, of course, when doable. The readers can always find everything on my website, kasland.com. It’s my main hub from music to videos, store, social media, all of that. My social media handles are @Kasland on all of them.