Justine Skye Comes With “No Options”

Justine Skye No Options

Justine Skye Debuts “No Options” Song And Visual

Justine Skye takes every opportunity to let things come off her chest and mind in the brand new single and video “No Options”.

With having the time to see that things weren’t all cookies and creme from the relationship, she makes it aware within lyrics of detailing how toxic it was to deal with so much.

“No Options” will appear on the upcoming project “Bare With Me” which resembles the same title from the 2019 EP. Check out the song below and visual up top.

Read “No Options” lyrics below :

I’ma say what I want to ’cause I got to
Your favorite thing to do is cut me off but I stopped you
And you think I’m dumb but your day gon’ come
Now face me, don’t run
For you this shit fun

Settle down now little loud mouth, shakin’ tables
I won’t wild out like a child now, but I’m able
Eyes wide like a fiend, you’re makin’ a scene
Now your friends can all see what I mean

You got me sick, you’re so toxic
Our love blew up, catastropic
I feel like we have no options
Want something real but it’s not this