Joyner Lucas Knocks Down “What’s Poppin” Remix

Joyner Lucas What's Poppin Remix

Joyner Lucas Goes Insane on “What’s Poppin” Remix

Joyner Lucas truly put on heavy all before the pandemic reared it’s ugly head into everyone’s lives. With the release of “ADHD” album plus being able to do a song with Will Smith in “Will”, pushed the emcee over the top even more. Now he’s back by hopping on Jack Harlow’s “What’s Poppin” yet flipping it for the remix “What’s Gucci”.

Listen to Joyner Lucas new song “What’s Poppin” remix below plus the lyrics as well.


Room full of hoes and I might get choosy
Please excuse me
All of my moves are carefully planned
Don’t play with me, I’m a family man
I put your bitch on my family plan
My mansion lookin’ like Fantasy Land
I bought a beach with some Canada sand
All of my moves are carefully planned
I’m two steps ahead like Nigerian scams (Word)
Now hand mе the Benz
You in the crib and I’m hеre with the fans
My bitch got titties like Pamela And’
And she wanna fuck in a janitor’s van
I’m ’bout to turn to a psycho

You ’bout to see my true colors like Michael
I’m ’bout to pick niggas up with a rifle
I never lit niggas up but I might though
I’m a cool nigga but I can get spiteful
I’m ’bouta fuck this shit up like a typo