#HHX Interview : Get Familiar With Jonah Melvon

Jonah Melvon

Jonah Melvon Is Truly Bringing Heart And Soul Within The Music World

Many tend to forget where the essence of hip hop was transformed into from the Funk and Soul era of music. Yet Jonah Melvon seems to have an old soul with the passion of bringing Soul music and meshing it with today’s hip hop culture, adding that west coast flavor for your ears unlike any other artist you hear today and check out.

1. Hometown

Oakland, California

2. When and what inspired you to doing music

As a kid, both my immediate and extended family were very talented. The kind of talent however that was intimating, so for the longest time I denied my own desire to do music as well. Also since there was this natural competitiveness in my family, from music, to cooking food, to what we were doing with ourselves, it just became easier to claim a different lane other than music. However the itch to do music became too strong during my college years, so I went from attending open mics to finally recording my own demos.

3. Which song from your catalog of music would you say is the most influential to your fans?

Currently my most influential song is called “Sunday Mornings”, which is the essence of my sound; feel good soulful hip hop. The song feels like everything we love about Sundays; church, BBQs, picnics, family, friends, hikes, sports, and a good cup of coffee.

4. Which song from your music catalog is the ONE record you can say many slept on? 

My fans have been so supportive to me, so if there are records that fans slept on, I would take the blame. Mostly because earlier in my career, I didn’t understand the value of promotions. I loved the music, but not the business side of things, so most of my records never got their full reach potential.

5. With your visual “Sunday Morning” what’s the message that you are delivering and triggered motivation to write this song?

This song is about building deep intimacy, and taking an already existing relationship to the next level. The tag line “slow down with me like Sunday Mornings”, is all about deeper connection. Sundays culturally speaking, is one of the days we allow ourselves to slow down and focus on what really matters in life, this motivated the songs existence.

6. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

Wow, this is a hard question to answer. I have had certain things happen in my career that I never could have imagined, and then I’ve had certain things happen in my career not anticipated the impact they would have on my life. Some of the highlights have been, being on stage with famous acts that were my hero’s musically, having my own reality series, being played on the radio, playing at famous venues, having write ups from famous publications, and being a ghost writer.

7. Who are some artists that have been an influence in your musical journey?

Sade, Frankie Beverly, Musiq, Talib, Jill Scott, H.E.R, Daniel Ceasar, Saba, Maxwell

8. Give your top 5 artists you’d like to work with

Once again this is a hard question lol. I’ll break this up into current and older however.

Sade, Frankie Beverly, Daniel Ceasar, H.E.R, Saba

9. What’s the one thing that you’ve learned about being in the music industry that is stands out to you?

Most artists hate taking care of their administration, which is the very thing that allows us to have more room to do what we love.

10.What are somethings you’d like to achieve while elevating in the music world?

It’s in important to me to have a voice in both my community and in our world altogether. I feel like I have been given so much that I need and have to give back. Currently my focus aside from creating music, is building my brand, telling the story with authenticity, as I level up my voice of influence, ultimately so my people can win.

Also can check out his website here . Adding to the interview, listen to the latest single from Jonah Melvon ” Expiration Date” and go back to 2019 to hear more soulful hip hop on the “Rainwater Project”