Jon Connor Elevates New Music Monday With “Priceless”

Jon Connor Priceless

Jon Connor Brings Awareness In “Priceless”

As Jon Connor ventures into a new week for New Music Monday, it’s go time with the brand new track “Priceless” produced by Kalen Dixson. These two have been forming a team stronger than Voltron for the last three weeks.

Last week, Connor tricked out Method Man’s “Tical” for “The Pain” and prior to that “The Infinity“. Now using clips from “Hoodlum” and other movies, the Flint rapper lights it up with lyrics breaking down the many that love the material gifts, selling themselves for attention and the turmoil that comes with it. Then flips out into an ultimate fury after the first minute.

“SOS” is in the oven,slowly cooking while the pressure is being applied from Connor’s kitchen with weekly songs.