Jhené Aiko Taps Miguel and Future In “Happiness Over Everything” Video

Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko Elevates Into Wanting “Happiness Over Everything”

Jhené Aiko returns with delivering smooth vibes with an enjoyable atmosphere in the visual for the song “Happiness Over Everything” (H.O.E.).

Seemingly back in higher spirits within her love life as well, the R&B singer enlists Miguel and Future to partake in good shenanigans. Aiko is set to release “Chilombo” album on March 6th and already given “Triggered” and “Pussy Fairy” as bench marks of whats to come from the project.

She also announced her North American Tour which will include Queen Naija and Chi-town singer Ann Marie. Check below

Check out the lyrics to “Happiness Over Everything“:

[Chorus: Miguel & Future]
I hope she don’t think that I think that she some kinda ho (Some kinda ho)
I don’t care, that just lets me know that she knows what she wants, yeah
Baby, I won’t judge (No-oh, no-oh, no, no, no)
Freak, freak, freak, freak
Now I’m sure that she knows what she wants, yeah
Freak, freak, freak, freak

[Verse 1: Jhené Aiko]
I ain’t gonna hold you, baby, I like what I see
That print in them sweatpants it got me weak off in my knees
I’ve been thinking ’bout you since we met at No I.D.’s
If you’re free tonight, I think that you should come see me
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Don’t be scared of my aggression
Oh-oh, oh-oh
Just don’t get the wrong impression