Jay Critch – Bully

Jay Critch

Jay Critch Drops Fresh Heat “Bully”

Brooklyn will continue to be a melting pot and brewing fresh talent such as Jay Critch. The young rapper delivers the fresh record “Bully”.

Through his consistent hard work lately and being noticed by Rich The Kid and joining the Rich Forever imprint, Critch is set to outshine the success gained last year and elevate to show he’s here for the long run with his flow and projects.

Listen to the new track “Bully” below produced by Tony Seltzer,A Lau & Rubi Rose. Also check him out on Rich The Kid’s new album The World Is Yours 2

On my block, they pushing weight, them niggas bullies
That bitch tried to play me, had to get back on my bully
Got them racks up, 100k stuffed in my hoodie
New VVS’s, diamonds shooting, loaded fully (ay)
Lot of grams up in my hood, tell me what you want
All my niggas eating good, like the restaurant
My bitch look like Meagan Good, she get what she want
First she hop up on the wood, then she do a stunt
Better watch yo back, this shit get dangerous
Looking at this money, guess i’m famous
Soon as you go and make some money, they start changing
Cut em off cause I got no time for the lame shit

I just hopped up in that Maserati, hit a lane switch
She can’t be my wifey, she a thottie, I can’t claim it
I just told her “keep giving me head” till she brainless
Every morning, hop up out my bed, count some franklin’s
I been talking money, what you said, different language
Diamonds like a blizzard, get a sled, I can’t tame it
Pouring up that lean, i’m sipping meds, cookie fragrance
She too thirsty, she get no respect, she a lame bitch
I keep working, shit don’t never end, till my gang rich
She just want me cause i’m getting dressed, in Balmain shit
In that foreign, told her make a left, by the bank bitch
Still up in my hood, I never left, on that gang shit
I’m counting all of my blessings
I’m counting all of the racks
I never fold under pressure
I’m never holding back
I’m a young nigga i’m flexing, I bet she notice that
I remember I was losing, i’m never going back
You keep talking like you shooting, but you never hold the strap
Nigga, I used to run off with the packs, i’m giving you facts
I used to go and sit up in the trap, i’m trynna get back
She looking good and her ass looking fat, I hit from the back