Jack Harlow Gets Big Sean In The New Video “Way Out”

Jack Harlow Way Out

Jack Harlow Sets Up A “Way Out” In New Visual With Big Sean

Jack Harlow has been shooting a handful of jumpers with “Tyler Herro” to show many “What’s Poppin” coming from the town of Louisville for a while now. The rising rapper is gearing up for the debut album release “Thats What They All Say” on December 11th and levels up with the latest visual “Way Out” along side Big Sean.

As we get the still-life visual at moments of Harlow hanging out with the crew and a few females enjoying life at it’s grandest, spot checking on people making their “way out” of his life.

Watch the visual below and wait for the new album to hit come December 11th. Even go check out “Thats What They All Say” trailer released a few days ago as well.

Check out Jack Harlow “Way Out” lyrics below as well :

Sh*t is a jam Sh*t is a jam I can tell who’s on the way out 25 shows check the pay out I ain’t going home imma stay out Muf*ckas hate you when they lookin for a way out I just sit back and let it play out and She gon let me hit it any day now ooh What you gon say now ooh Amahhhhh My ex girl got a baby ooh But she still let me stay now ooh I got a Dallas and an H Town boo Got a baddie out in Cape Town, too Whole gang eating steak house food Get the check, I ain’t checkin what it came out to I tell promoters I don’t talk about the money You know who to hand the envelope to Big John got the cash and he been the go-to