Introducing DJ Bander

DJ Bander is a Major Sony producer/DJ, that has been hard at work on new projects after his huge 2019, scoring back to back Top 100 placements on Beatport charts. After completing a successful season as co-host on a major Dash Radio show, he has since released multiple singles that have resulted in tens of thousands of streams, including his latest release with MTV featured vocalist, Alicia Sky. His upcoming project will be a hallmark moment for him, as he releases an exclusive single with world renowned rapper Famous Dex, slated for release in late October with a date still to be announced.

DJ Bander utilizes his extensive music training and classical background on piano to create his dark progressive melodies that define his unique signature sound. Here’s what he shared with us;

“I see myself as a bit of an avant- guard. My passion for music fuels my passion for business and vice versa. In today’s age, you can not have one skill set without the other in the entertainment industry”

DJ Bander’s success scales far beyond music, as he is also a professional stock trader and commercial real estate investor. He has been mentioned in Yahoo Finance and Street Insider for his financial advisement role with clients and associates. A side of himself outside of music that Bander takes great pride in.

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