From The Bay to RVA, Noah-O has been Charged Up to elevate not only his brand within hip-hop but also the culture in Richmond that has a mixed representation within the urban community. The journey hasn’t been easy for the Filipino rapper yet nothing is slowing him down from a hand full of shows at various spots in RVA to appearances on Sway In The Morning, flaming the microphone as an emcee should.

1. Hometown/ Reside

I was born in San Francisco, California and grew up there Daly City, California and Northern Henrico, Richmond, Virginia

2. How long have you been doing music and what sparked your interest?

I have been doing music all my life. I just loved the culture ever since I was a child. Watching West Coast along with Southern artists that were self sufficient had a big impact on and how I move. People like E40, Master P, Jay-Z,Cash Money, Rap A Lot, Suave House,  anyone who got it out the mud. I was also motivated by Filipino Hip Hop pioneers that were in the dj battle world because they were the first representation of Filipinos in Hip Hop that I saw. Guys like DJ Q Bert, Dj Babu, Mix Master Mike, DJ Rhettmatic.

3. What and when was the first song you ever wrote?

I think the first thing I wrote and recorded was a freestyle over  Jay-Z beat. I was selling other known djs mixtapes in High School and snuck it at the end of the mixtape. Once people responded positively I kept going.

4. How influential was rapper and legendary producer Kleph Dollaz to you and music?

Kleph Dollaz changed my life for real. Before Kleph I was making mixtapes that weren’t cohesive but He helped me sit down and make a complete project. Through working together I was able to reposition and change the direction of my career. Besides music we became close friends due to us having similar personalities and shared spiritual views.

5. Which song would you considered is the most overlooked from your catalog

I would say my song Survivors Guilt is one of the most personal I have ever made and dropped a video recently. 

6. How did the relationship between yourself and Dj Mentos (as Analog Suspects) come together and is there new music and projects coming for 2020?

I met Mentos at Cheats Movement Podcast in 2016 but later he learned he made beats when I heard a project that Radio B and Mike Millions were working on. From there he started sending me beats for another album I was working on. I realized once I put them into a playlist that it sounded like a complete project which we later released called “The Rain”. After that we started working on a follow up project and he approached me about the idea for Analog Suspects, us forming a group in the tradition of a producer/dj and rapper combo. We are beginning to review beats and the concept now for our new album and looking to release it later this year.

7.What has been your biggest accomplishment(s)?

I am still here alive and doing what I love, to me thats a big accomplishment. I was exposed to drugs and violence growing up, I got arrested at 10 years old, expelled from school had a baby at 17 and paid child support in high school. Both of my parents and friends have died prematurely, went to jail, etc and I have had a lot on my shoulders since I was about 21. I had every excuse to be a failure and to me not allowing those things to take me out is a bigger accomplishment than anything I have done in music. I didn’t become a statistic. Professionally I would say appearing on Sway In The Morning, touring Europe, winning Style Weekly Top 40 Under 40 award, things like that have been dope to achieve as well.

8.Who are a few artists you’d like to work with and have worked with?

I have worked with Conway The Machine, FatManKey, Lajan Slim, Maffew Ragazino, Napolean Da Legend, VA artists like Mutant Academy, Fan Ran, Era  Hardaway, Umm Na, Yankee, Versace Chachi, Harsh, Cadillac Cat, 3 Way Slim, Nickelus F, Red Rum, my Charged Up Ent team Black Lyric, Santana Bros., and countless others. I would like to work with Jay-Z, Polo G, Andre 3000, E40, Mozzy, Rick Ross, The Clipse, Pharell, Maxo Kream, Big Krit, Snoh Allegra, D Angelo, Leon Bridges,I like a lot of different music.

9.What is the one lesson learned that you can give advice to others in music

Consistency is key

10.Top goals in 2020 to achieve 

Remain consistent and elevate my brand in all areas. Grow the Charged Up Ent brand, drop more music, more merch, do more shows, meet more people. Also release my album TRILLipino this Spring, I am excited about this project

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