Chaz French

Chaz French Stamping His Legacy In The Music World

Chaz French flourishes from the tough streets of Washington D.C. which has always been known for the infamous Go-Go sound coming from the Godfather of Go-Go the late Chuck Berry , the great Dj Kool, Dj Flexx,Rare Essence and so many more bands. Yet hip-hop has thrived tremendously and Chaz French has a lot to do with the culture change in such a small market that gets overlooked by the industry. Working with a close associate Phil Ade, also putting in work with Wale, Goldlink and others in and outside the city, it’s his turn to really stand out to the masses.

What and when was the first song you ever wrote?

First song I ever wrote I was like 7/8 and I got put on punishment.. I couldn’t go outside so I was bored as fuck and decided to write a song about how mad I was… it originally was a letter to my parents and it turned into a song ! Lol 

What is the true sound of music coming from the DMV?

The DMV has so much to offer, it’s nothing that we can’t do… you want trap shit we gotchu, you want lyrical music we gotchu, you want conscious we got that to, oh you want soulful shit I’m pretty sure we got that to ! You can’t put a name or put us in a box in regards to the “sound” of the DMV 

What inspires you the most in the music you develop?

What inspires me the most is that I’m not eat my peak.. I don’t even think that I’ve scratched the service of what that is… the growth aspect is definitely always keeping me inspired and on my toes.

Who are your musical influences?

My musical influences range from Kirk Franklin to Amy wine house to andre 3000, frank ocean, kid cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Marvin Gaye, cee lo, Kanye and of course lil Wayne ! That’s just to name a few though cause it’s a lot new artist that I definitely draw inspiration from.

Tell us about your new song “Me” featuring Cam Wallace on what is it about

ME” is one of my favorite newer records ! Just because of the nostalgic feeling it gives off it’s fun it’s witty and it still carries a dope message that it’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first ! I feel like it represents who I am and what I’ve grown to be to date so well.  Like if you know me you KNOW and if you don’t know me when you hear this record you get somewhat of a idea…. I think it’s a great introduction to the music I’ve been making over the past few years. 

Most Slept on song you’ve written that people should go back and hear?

Man to be honest it’s sooo many.  Not just saying that just because.  I have Bodies off work that are slept on so imma say go back and listen to the whole These Things Take Time project ! 

Coming from Washington D.C., how do you feel with the recent events of the protesting,police brutality and racism, especially with the President living there?

My heart is heavy, my heart hurts and it sucks that we are in the position that we are in as far as police brutality goes… like when is enough enough ? It’s sickening.  But it’s also great to see that we are fed up and it’s showing in regards to the unity… I think if we stay consistent with our efforts to fight for what we believe in then the change will start !  Black lives matter !

How does it feel to be signed at world famous Motown Records?

It feels amazing to be able to make my dream come true ! That’s history right there if you woulda told me years ago that I’d be apart of such a historical label I wouldn’t believe you ! My parents parents grew up on Motown so I’m glad I can be apart of that ! 

Name 5 artists you’d truly want to work with in the music industry

Five artist that I want to truly work with… hmmm. Frank ocean for sure ! Definitely wanna work with Anderson Paak… I would love to work with 3stacks, of course kid cudi and I think me and sza would sound dope together 

But if you ask me that same question a couple days from now I’d prolly give you a different 5 lol 

What can we expect from you in the second half of 2020?

More music ! Just a complete level up of who I am and the music I make… just trying to show constant growth and ultimately get to where I know I should be !