HHX Artist To Watch : Black Liquid aka BlackLiq

Black Liq

One city that is about as diverse as it can get within hip hop would be Richmond, Virginia. Where it’s truly a strange culture of not being known for just trap music or backpack rap, yet the intensity of the urban culture is starting to arise in many ways now with music. Black Liquid aka BlackLiq stands out for being quite the wordsmith on the microphone and stages while also teaching the elements of hip hop in his rhymes and behind the scenes.

1. Hometown

Richmond, Virginia

2. What inspired you to do music

I reached a point in life where I couldn’t find music that spoke to me or my reality.  When I began telling my story and saw how much it resonated with people and inspired them to keep going when faced with insurmountable odds, I discovered my purpose in life.  No matter what happens to me, from my father going to prison to my friends dying, if I tell the world about it through my art nothing will go to waste.

3. Which song from your catalog of music would you say is the most influential to your fans?

MADNESS, because of the honesty.  

4. Which song is the most slept on?

ANTi, because as a person once told me he “loved the visual…but it’s way too lyrical.”

5. With your visual “Madness” what’s the message that you are trying to tell to younger fans and those that don’t know who you are?

MADNESS is about failure, it’s about fear, it’s about telling your story.   Life ends when we die, not when we fail.  I wrote that song to show people that if you believe in yourself as much as you believe in the things that your fear, no one will be able to stop you but you.  The goal of the visual was to take that message and say it in a way that was not only loud, but clear.  I believe we succeeded.

6. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

I’ve been on 2 different radio stations for a decade as a Host and DJ. I’ve played festivals, thrown over 40 shows in my city, headlined shows in different states, released 12 freestyle mixtapes in 1 year, shared stages with so many legends, and so much more…yet the thing that I am most proud of is my work in education. The things I have learned by teaching in classrooms and universities, speaking in juvenile detention centers, and the Ted Talk that I did entitled “No Other Way”  have inspired me and so many people. It is what I have stood for, it is what I stand for.

7. Who are some artists that have been an influence 

DMX, Ice-T, Danny Brown, Wu Tang Clan, Atmosphere, Marilyn Manson, Fiona Apple, Lil Wayne, Kool Keith, Birdman, and of course 2PAC, NaS, BIG, Eminem, & Jay-Z.

8. Give your top 5 artists you’d like to work with

In no specific order: Jay Z, Marilyn Manson, Atmosphere, IDK, & JPEGMAFIA

9. What’s the one thing that you’ve learned about being in the music industry that stands out to you?

No one is going to discover you if you don’t discover yourself first. I started this journey with no money and on food stamps. HipHop taught me that I was never broke. I just had to keep working, be patient, and stop waiting. Success is not an outcome. It’s a process. It’s a mindstate, its your work ethic, its your values, its NOW.  I’m doing pretty well these days, but the money in my bank account will never be worth more than me, my story, and the lessons I have learned that I can use to help and inspire others.

10.What are some things you’d like to achieve 

I’ve got a long list of goals. I am going to release my next album “THE LIE” and share with artists the lessons I have learned through that process. I am going to headline tours and rock more festivals , travel the world through music and education while inspiring people to reflect and recognize their value. I’m going to write a book when the words and meaning are congruent, and continue to tell my story through every medium possible. Most of all I will continue to be a person instead of a product who has found unique ways to make progress where others have made only excuses. A person whose goal is to uplift and empower people of all ages and races. Faith, principles, education, and financial literacy are not only my source of independence, they are the source of my freedom. This is my path, and for me there is no other way. 

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